About Us


What relationship does your business have with the community?

We hire many people from our local highschool athletic departments because I used to coach the Somerville High School Cross Country team and still have a wonderful relationship with the department.

Any accomplishments, awards, recognition, articles, or news stories to feature?




What kind of food do you serve?

Greek American

Where did the recipes come from?


What are your best dishes that everyone loves? 

Spanakopita in phyllo dough with spinach, herbs, egg and feta. Our moussaka has a very cheesy béchamel and sweet potatoes in it!

How often do you add new dishes/menu items?

Our menu has additions seasonally, although many items are offered year round.

What makes your food better than the guy across the street?

We truly care and are having produce delivered often! We keep our menu small so that our items are made fresh!


  • Healthy
  • Delicious
  • Indulging